Communications and Administrative Support Team - Rector

Administrative Staff functions
Support for the Parish Priest - Dorraine
Preparation of Sunday worship materials - Dorraine
Taking minutes at Parish Council - Dorraine
Weekly time sheets sent to diocese - Dorraine
Worship and Diocesan information materials for use on Sunday - Dorraine
Directory Updating twice annually - Dorraine
Wednesday Newsletters/Special Notifications - Dorraine
Booking rentals – Dorraine/Heather
Send out revised minutes and other materials for upcoming Parish Council- Dorraine
- Bulletin and Sunday Worship Support - Eileen and Daryth
- Monthly Sunday Worship Sign Up - Dorraine and Carolyn
- Weekly/Monthly Calendar - Ann
- Warden’s Circle and Parish Council - Bishop’s/Rector’s Warden
- Social Media Coordinator - ?
including Website (Don) and Facebook (Catie)
- Information materials development (handouts for visitors and newcomers) - ?
- Volunteer Coordinator(s) - from Parish Council
- Periodic photo directory once every 3-4 years - ?
- Safe Church - Heather