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The Protocols for reopening our building and property are found on the Diocese of BC web site under resources the blue COVID19 reopening guidelines or follow this link:

After reading these protocols you will understand the huge responsibility and work we have ahead of us. Please reread these protocols in anticipation of the survey coming out late next week.  First and foremost we must always remember that we are a community of faith and together we will design a safety plan to meet the needs of the least of us. 

We want to ensure that everyone is included and that safety comes first.  None of us wants to hear about how COVID was transmitted through our church.  We don't wish this on anyone.  We are responsible to each other compassionately, lovingly, ethically and legally.

The Wardens Circle and Parish Council will be discussing these guidelines in detail and coming up with a safety plan specific to our church on how we can meet the requirements to reopen our office, worship space and hold group gatherings.    

First, we will design a survey for each and every parishioner to fill out and return so everyone's voice can be heard.  This survey will be sent out via Connections on Friday June 26th.  Please read it carefully and fill it in as fully as you can.  The information from the survey will help us to plan and develop protocols for the tentative opening this September.  Second, parish council will come up with a tentative time line and safety protocols to be approved by the diocese.  These will be distributed to the whole parish before any reopening of our building and property. As you can expect this will take sometime probably months not weeks and it will consume a lot of volunteer hours.  Please have patience with us and know you will have a voice through the survey and you will be updated often.