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This letter was read aloud at the conclusion of service, Sunday, Dec 19th, 2021


December 16, 2021

Today is the Rev David Chillman’s second-to-last Sunday as your interim priest-in-charge and a cleric of the diocese. I believe that something we have in common is that neither myself nor this congregation have known David very long, but we have both come to quickly appreciate his gifts of ministry.
As I have come to know David, I have deeply appreciated his playful and delightful sense of humour. He has been an enthusiastic team player, actively promoting diocesan initiatives and supporting his colleagues in all ways. When David moved to this diocese in 2013, I am told that he very quickly established that he had no intention of “flying under the radar.” He made immediate connections with his surrounding community and fellow clergy, identifying projects where he could share his special skill set and experience. With both warmth and eagerness, David has gently led, taught and guided the people of the diocese, and we have deeply benefited from his extensive knowledge in many subjects far beyond preaching and presiding.
While we will miss David’s company and contributions, we are also grateful that the Holy Spirit has offered him and Jude this opportunity to move closer to family. On behalf of the diocese, I extend my gratitude to the Rev David Chillman for his years of ministry amongst these islands and inlets and I wish him every blessing in his travels and future endeavours.
The Right Rev Anna Greenwood-Lee bishop


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