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Dear Friends,  

I checked in with Bishop Anna this week and asked for an update of the Covid Protocols for our diocese. She has affirmed to me two things that will change our practices at St. Philip.  

1.      Masks are recommended but not mandated. Therefore, please do what is best for you; I suggest that if you have health concerns, please feel free to wear a mask to protect yourself.

Bishop Anna commented that in her travels around the diocese she is seeing approximately 60% of parishioners continuing to wear masks during worship and 40% choosing to go maskless.

If you are feeling very uncomfortable not wearing a mask, please wear one and further to this, if you would like to be seated in a section of the church where folks are most comfortable wearing a mask throughout the service, please email me ( and I will designate a masked area for the worship service.

2.      Real Bread: I can go back to baking bread on a Sunday morning for the Eucharist.
Wafers are always available if you are more comfortable with the personal choice of wafers for the Eucharist.  

Thank you everyone.

Peace and Blessings this day, for this is the day the Lord has made!  





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