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Excerpt from article by Alice Truman:

"As many of you know, this Dorcas WA/ACW outreach ministry to the Diocese of Caledonia has been active since prior to 1861. The British Colonist, in the fall of that year, published an article about the ladies gathering at Christ Church Cathedral to pack the bales and enjoy tea together. The ministry is named for Dorcas, who is described in The Acts of the Apostles as doing “many good things and many acts of kindness,” which included sewing clothes for the poor. Many Dorcas societies were established in the 1800s to provide clothing to the less fortunate.

Our diocese chose to help the needy in the early missions in Caledonia and has carried on to this day. However, with diminishing numbers of ACW branches and members, it has become harder and harder to fulfill this ministry, so please do your best. Recruit friends and neighbours, they don’t need to be Anglican to help. Many people are lonely at this time, and Dorcas can give them an opportunity to feel helpful and increase their human contact. All we need are kind hearts and busy hands."

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