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To the parish of St Philip, Cedar

Friends, I am writing to provide some assurances during a time of uncertainty and transition. Many of you may remember that when the Rev. Cindy Corrigan was appointed deacon assistant to St Philip in 2019, it was with the understanding that her ministry with the parish would conclude upon the Rev. Susan Hermanson’s retirement.

As we approach that time, I find that it’s still best to continue with the original intention set out for the Rev. Corrigan’s ministry at St Philip, and as such, her last day in the parish will also be June 21, 2021.

Please be assured that I will be looking for other opportunities for the Rev. Corrigan to serve in the diocese. I am deeply grateful for her dedication and service to St Philip, and for the relationships she has built there. I recognize that it will be challenging to say goodbye to both your current clergy, and especially amidst our current pandemic-conditions, but I have faith that the parish will find a way to both grieve the ending of these ministries and also celebrate with thanks for all that has been accomplished together.