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March 18, 2022

By Janice Biehn

Since Russia began rolling its tanks into Ukraine on February 24, donations to PWRDF have flooded in, with an overwhelming $266,500 being raised in just a few short weeks.

PWRDF responded quickly with $20,000 to an ACT Alliance appeal, but soon after changed that initial amount to $50,000. Today PWRDF announces an additional $50,000 allocation to the ACT Alliance, and $50,000 to HelpAge International working to support seniors trying to cross the border into Moldova, for a total of $150,000. As donations continue to come in, PWRDF will be disbursing funds to our partners on the ground who are able to put money to good use right away.

Work with the ACT Alliance is with fellow member Hungarian Interchurch Aid who is supporting Ukrainians as they make the long journey from their homes to the Hungarian border.

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